Microsoft drops WGA validation for IE7


Thursday with the patch Internet Explorer 7 received from Microsoft a major feature of the browser was modified. Internet Explorer 7 no longer requires you to validate your copy of Windows through WGA validation. What this means? It means that Microsoft realized that people who bought their copy were pretty annoyed by this validation procedure and people who use pirated versions of Microsoft Windows won’t validate their copy and will use Internet Explorer 6 or will use hacked versions of Internet Explorer 7 that anyway won’t require validation.

Course Microsoft won’t admit this, instead they are saying that they dropped the validation in order to improve the Windows Ecosystem’s security by allowing more people to use a safer and newer Internet Explorer. And this argument has some merit indeed, IE6 is known for the weak security it provides and was one of the products that Microsoft had to update frequently in order to fix all the security glitches in the software.

But this move might have another significance! It could mean that Microsoft is planning to drop support for IE6 and focus on improving IE7 and launching Internet Explorer 8!

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