Romanian browser usage trends


I’ve recently made a study about the browsers preferred by romanians. I don’t claim this study to be 100% accurate but it can be useful in some situations.

The methodology was simple. I took the browser data for a few of the largest romanian sites listed in (a web statistics system which provides browser usage data) and i made from those numbers the following chart which covers the period between November 2007 and June 2009

Browser trends

What is clear from this chart is that:

  • the days of IE6 as the leading browser are numbered. It may take approximatively 2 months and Firefox 3 market share will pass beyond that of IE6
  • IE7 would have been the leading browser but as we see around April 2009 when IE8 appeared IE7’s market share started to fell. IE8 is cannibalizing her older sister.
  • Google Chrome is steadily climbing. Now it is around 2% and it gains market share month by month very rapidly (2% is very fast if we take into consideration that Opera is at 4% for about 4 years)
  • Opera is stuck at 4% and it does not seem to grow beyond this number in the near future.
  • Safari is growing but at a very very small pace
  • There are still about a combined 4% of Firefox 1 and Firefox 2 users

One thing is sure. Internet Explorer’s domination is coming to an end. The browser market is very competitive and there are quite a few options to choose from.

What the study doesn’t show but i’m predicting now is that by the end of the year Google Chrome will pass 10% and it will take market share both from IE and Firefox.

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