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Yesterday night i wanted to watch the CFR Cluj – Benfica Lisabona friendly match online which was transmitted by a recently launched TV station called Kanal D. As i do not have a TV or a TV tunner i started to search on the net for an online transmission. As i landed on the channel homepage i almost instantly realized that there will be no online transmission here.

So i started searching a solution. Google as always is the key to everything, after a few searches i found several different software packages that claim that deliver TV channels from all over the world. But unfortunately none of them had Kanal D in the channel list. I was almost there to quit when i found Sopcast. And there it was Kanal D broadcasted by one of the thousands of channels from Sopcast.

In essence Sopcast is a P2P software that allows anyone to rebroadcast anything over the internet. You can rebroadcast TV stations, movies from your computer, MP3’s and more. Kanal D was rebroadcasted by someone over Sopcast and i could finally watch the match.

But the story isn’t over yet. Today i had another sports event to watch – Formula 1 Grand Prix of Europe at Nurburgring. Again i started searching and now the first thing i started was Sopcast. For the first time i didn’t find any indication of a Formula 1 broadcast in the thousands of channels. But as i hit refresh in the channel list several times … there it was. Formula 1 live from Germany.

Now i can say this for sure, for me classic television is dead.

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  1. Hey!

    Nice one, I must say, since Sopcast and other internet-based TV applications, TV has changed for me too.

    But I need to ask, which Sopcast channel broadcasts KANAL D from Romania?


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