I will be presenting at TYPO3 Garage Cluj Napoca


After the first TYPO3 meeting in Cluj held in October,  next week  will be organized the first TYPO3 Garage. The event is a workshop on two distinct subjects:

1. Creating a backend module for the listing and advanced search of the content elements – this presentation will be held by Alina Fleser (Arxia Group)

2. Multidomain Content Sharing:  sharing content between multiple domains using the same TYPO3 instance – this presentation will be held by myself  (Bodor László (Arxia Group))

Both presentations will be in Romanian.

The event is held on 17th of December 2009, in the conference  room at Arxia’s headquarters on Paraului Street 2b, Cluj Napoca. Participation is free but please send an email to alina.fleser [at] arxiagroup [dot] com to confirm your presence. If you can’t find the place please call 0733-670659 and we will give you directions.

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