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The TYPO3 East Europe 2014 conference (T3EE14) held in Cluj Napoca (Romania) has ended yesterday evening. This was the second edition of an event that tried to gather together the TYPO3 enthusiasts from Eastern Europe. It had a limited success in attracting people from other eastern european countries except Romania. There were a few people but the majority were still from Romania. However the event had lots of visitors from the west and north of Europe. logo

The first day of the event wasn’t for the general public rather was focused on a workshop for municipalities from Romania. They could learn from people who had the experience of implementing open standards and solutions in the public sectors abroad. The day ended with a dinner at the Mater Corvin restaurant. The second day the conference really started and the participants started to get into the Halloween atmosphere right from the entrance door where a vampire (or maybe Dracula ?) greeted them with something to drink. The presentations were dedicated to topics like TYPO3 Neos, Community Software, How to sell Neos, How to upgrade to TYPO3 6.2 and a panel about the perspectives of the TYPO3 product family.

In the evening everyone went to the Halloween party at Casa Tiff were community members really did their best and came up with some really interesting and scary costumes. Lots of drinks, food, dancing and socializing that lasted until dawn ended the second day. If you want to see some pictures from this party (but also from the whole event) then just check out this twitter stream :

The third day brought two session tracks, one in the Dome room and one in the Cupola room. This time the presentation topics were more diverse. I will not list them here as you can find them on the T3EE website.  The event ended with a dinner at the Ursus Brewery and then everyone went either partying either home either at their hotel in anticipation of their morning flight.

Overall the event was great, there were some small glitches but those happen at every event. The organizers did everything in their power to make sure that the attendees have the best possible conditions and i feel they have succeeded. I certainly liked it as i liked seeing again some old friends, old colleagues and TYPO3 community members. I hope the 2015 edition will be even better.

Thank you for everyone involved in the organizing of the event and thank you to all the sponsors of the event: Arxia, PWO,, AOE, sitegeist, Pixelant, hosted solr by dkd and marketing factory.

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