Analytics gone


Today i removed Google Analytics from all of my sites. I will continue to use for statistics the wonderful Extreme Tracking service.

Why i did this ? Well, there are multiple reasons:

1) I didn’t really used it. Although Extreme Tracking is not free (at least the Pro version i’m using) i like it more then Analytics.

2) It slows down the website.

Yes, although now also an asynchronously loading version is available, the old version was slowing down the websites. I have the same problem with Google Adsense which also slows down the websites (you can see in the status bar: waiting for <some google domain> )

And if you didn’t know lately Google measures your site speed and performance and takes this into account when calculating pagerank and your position in the search results. So while it was sometimes useful to see Google Analytics data, it’s not worth it lately to keep an additional statistics service at the cost of being pushed down in search results.

This solves part of my problem, but what should i do with Adsense ? There is no fast loading alternative available. As one can observe, most of the times the ad networks slow down websites. The solution would be to remove that one too. But then i would lose some revenue that is helping me paying the hosting bills.

I believe i will be thinking about this for a while and if i find a solution, i will let you know.

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