My two cents on the new Google layouts


Lately Google started to change the layout of all its products to the so called Google+ layout. Actually its not a layout specially made for Google+ but rather it was the first product to use this new theme.

Well, i don’t like this new layout but it really didn’t bothered me too much either. This is until yesterday when Google Reader switched to this layout. And Google Reader looks awful with this theme. And not only it is uglier but its less usable.

For example its rather hard to distinguish between individual posts in the feeds, the options on the bottom of each post are also less visible (harder to find). There is too much white space everywhere, it is like the thing has no design at all.

I think if you put a few first grade school kids they do a better design. And the worst part is that they are feeding it to me and i have nothing to do but accept or change the product, which will i do shortly.

Actually i’m planning to switch from most of Google’s products to something else. Not because of the layout but also for other reasons. Soon i will write a post about the alternatives to all Google products and to many people’s surprise, there are quite a few good alternatives!

  1. I’m with you all the way. I’ve started using for my browser as well. Turns out they have very comparable results and Microsoft doesn’t have a policy of exploiting every piece of personal information like Google. Google uses personal information beyond a level that most people would feel comfortable with if they knew how far they went.

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