Google’s worst move yet – closing Google Reader


I was shocked this morning to learn that Google is shutting down Google Reader. Actually shocked is a mild description of my feelings because Google Reader is one of my essential tools for assimilating information.

Google Reader is being shut down


There were months when i’ve read over 8000 news items (or at least their titles) in Reader – according to their statistics. And now they come with this!

Its clear that this is another move to push us to their Google+ social network. Well guess what ? Because of this pushy attitude and their constant spamming about their social network i will not use Google+ in the near future, that’s for sure.

On the medium term I will seek alternatives to every product they own and will use those alternatives. I’m fed up with their attitude of pushing down on our throats all the things they consider “good for us”. I was one of the first supporters of Google in my social circles and i will be among the first to cut the rope on them after pulling these kind of stunts.

As regarding Reader, fortunately there are alternatives. I just have to figure out which one to choose. I will export my feeds and I’m gone.


  1. I’m with you on this. Google is not getting my business in Google+. They are doing their best to force it… for instance in Google Places/Local listings where you don’t get full functionality without Google+. It’s all a numbers game so they can push Facebook out and dominate another ‘circle’. It’s not good to have only one for profit company dominating EVEERYTHING. Microsoft is beginning to look saintly and I still endorse them though they used to be the big dog.

  2. No kidding about what seems to be bonehead move. I feel depressed. Like you how are we going to easily keep track of blogs we follow in a single, easy to use web application.

    Good luck finding another online RSS reader.

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