Yahoo just lost a friend


Yahoo Messenger is the IM software i use most often,  not that i really like it but here everyone is using it. So if i want to talk to someone i have to use it.

Two days ago it asked me if i want it to automatically update itself. I said why not, lets make sure is up to date and i won’t have surprises with some potential security hole or bug in the older version.

But here is what happened. Instead of updating only my Yahoo Messenger application the updater without asking me anything installed Yahoo Toolbar both for Firefox and Internet Explorer. I don’t hate too many things but toolbars are among those things. And i was shocked that Yahoo does such lame things. Install their annoying toolbar under false pretext of updating my messenger app.

I can say this. The toolbars didn’t stayed enough on my computer to take their breath after the install.  And Yahoo lost a friend.

If i ever had any sympathy for Yahoo and their business then with this move they wiped it out.

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