Goodbye Gmail


I was saying last time that i really don’t like the new Google interface, actually lots of people don’t like it judging by the number of visitors i get from keywords related to that post.

But Google don’t listens anymore to their users. Their have gotten into a position from where they can dictate how we should use everything and how should we think. They decide what is good for us and what is bad. In other words, its their way or the highway.

I decided a few days ago that for me its the highway, at least regarding the e-mail client i use. This happened after they forced the new interface into my Gmail account, without having an option to return to the old look. This brings me memories from the past, sometime 7-8 years ago when for similar reasons i have dumped Yahoo Mail.

After looking for a few options i decided that its time to use Thunderbird again. I still have my Gmail account but i set it up in Thunderbird and i use that as an e-mail client, so its not yet a definitive goodbye. At least until i will be able to migrate all my data from Google and have time to make a permanent move to my own domains for everything e-mail related. Actually i have set up all my email addresses in Thunderbird so i don’t need to have a high number of browser windows open for each and every one of them.

Having Thunderbird as an e-mail client has a few advantages. For starters you do have the IMAP protocol which means that you have your email synchronized with the server and don’t store it locally (only for caching). Its just like a web based client. Everything you do is reflected on the server and if you need from time to time to log in from another machine you have everything there just as you had it on your own machine. Another advantage is that you don’t have any advertising in it.

Regarding disadvantages, after a few days of use, i’m happy with this system and didn’t yet encounter any drawbacks. I will se how it goes in the next few days.

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