Imagemap Wizard and TYPO3 4.7


I’ve had today a small little issue with the Imagemap Wizard extension for TYPO3. This extension allows the interactive creation of imagemaps right from the TYPO3 backend. I’ve used this extension before and had no problems with it. But while installing it today on TYPO3 4.7.x i got the warning that it’s not compatible with 4.7.x and even more i’m using an unsupported PHP version (5.4.x).

Because i’m not so easily intimidated by these warnings i went ahead and installed it. No luck however because the extension just wouldn’t work. It was telling me this in the backend when editing an image map:

No Image rendered from TSFE. :(

Has the page some kind of special doktype or has it access-restrictions?

There are lot’s of things which can go wrong since normally nobody creates frontend-output in the backend

Hmm…but i really needed this extension so i went ahead trying to find a solution. And a quick search rendered the help i was desperately needing. The issue is known and was submitted to Forge more then a year ago. Still there is no official update for the extension. On the forge page however there is a patch which i have applied and the extension is working again perfectly.

So if you run into the error above just apply the patch and make sure you don’t update the extension from the repository until there is a patched version available.

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