How to change website language in Typo3 based on user IP or browser


Let’s suppose you must build a multilanguage website and you allow users to choose the language of the site. This is easy in Typo3, can be done in several minutes. But what if you need to choose the language for them according to their browser preference or IP address. What then ?

There are solutions. I opted for two plugins that do just that. The first is ml_geoip which determines the country based on IP address. The usage is relatively simple. You just need to install the extension and update the IP addresses database. The second extension is rlmp_language_detection. This one changes the language according to either browser preference or ip address. This extension uses the ml_geoip extension to determine de country of a certain IP address. So if you want IP based language then you have to install both extensions and configure rlmp_language_detection accordingly using testOrder = ip in the typoscript configuration. Otherwise you can use testOrder = browser and the language will be set accordingly.

There are many options for rlmp_language_detection but i will not detail them because the manual is fairly good for this extension. I just wanted to point out how easy is to do this kind of stuff with Typo3.

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