TYPO3 extension: Google Web Font Loader


Not so long ago i was writing about the new Google Web Fonts launched at the latest Google I/O. Well i thought for a time to write an extension that will allow the use of these fonts in a TYPO3 system just by installing the extension and choosing the font. Unfortunately i didn’t had the time to write this extension. But fortunately others had time and just now i discovered that the Google Web Font Loader TYPO3 extension is available for download.

This is great news for all TYPO3 developers. We can now all use this extension to display nice fonts on our websites. I’ve read the documentation of the extension and it seems that one can use multiple fonts in one website and can even configure the plugin via Typoscript:

plugin.tx_googlewebfont_pi1 {
  WebFontLoader = 1
  fonts.google = Tangerine, Inconsolata, Droid Sans

It’s as simple as that. And now your fonts look much better. Isn’t this great ?

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