WordPress upgrade under 3 minutes without leaving admin interface


I’ve just upgraded to WordPress 2.8 (Chet Baker). I think i never experienced such a smooth upgrade to a new version of a web application. When i logged in to the admin interface of my WordPress it just warned me that there is a new version and i should upgrade. Ok i clicked the warning entered the ftp password and after waiting around 3 minutes WordPress upgraded my blog to version 2.8. And this without ever leaving my admin backend or using any ftp program or something.

You may say that this is not such a big deal. And i may agree with you if we were talking about a desktop application. But for a web application it is important in my opinion. WordPress made running a blog a piece of cake and many people with no or little technical skills can run their own blog, upgrade it, install plugins and with version 2.8 they can install themes too without ever leaving their admin panel, without copying files, uploading to ftp and other things that usually discourage people.

Way to go. I’m waiting other CMS providers to take example from WordPress and come up with a similar solution.

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