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I’ve discovered today an interesting site. It’s called and it is a data aggregator for the semantic web. It seems that it has been launched recently (22 july 2009). What does it do ? It aggregates structured data from the web for the users keyword.

For example if you enter Europe in the search bar you will receive all kinds of data, from maps to descriptions and facts about Europe. The data is aggregated from all over the web and from structured databases using semantic analysis. While Google crawls everything he founds on the web only extracts data from sites that use RDF, RDFa or Microformats. Sure there is a lot of useless data returned but you can also find very good information.

It is very interesting to use such kind of an application because you can see the amount and variety of information available out there. Also this information can be used in your own applications if you decide so.

If you want to learn more and see a more convincing demo then watch the video below or read the official blog post about

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