Leaving for DrupalCamp Prague


DrupalCamp PragueI’m going to DrupalCamp Prague tomorrow. I’m going there to learn new things and  meet new people from the Drupal world.

I’ve only started working with Drupal a year and a few months ago.  Meantime i learned to use it, to extend it and i started to like it. Initially i hated it because i was used to hard things and always tried to do things the hard  way and couldn’t even think that there is a simple solution to a problem. Like installing a module from Drupal.org. Meantime i learned that Drupal can be very simple, but very powerful

Also Drupal has gained a lot of adoption lately. At least from what i see, more and more people adopt Drupal. This is partly because Drupal is easy and has lots of modules. Modules for almost everything. A basic site in Drupal can be set up in a few minutes and customized in a few hours or less.

I’ve read on Dries Buytaert’s blog that even the White House started using Drupal for whitehouse.gov. This is a great proof that open source software can be as good as proprietary or even better. And major companies must not fear adopting and using open source software and open technologies. If the White House can use it then i guess everyone can.

I hope that while in Prague i will learn more about Drupal. I’m curious for example what novelties does Drupal 7 brings us. Also security matters and scaling of Drupal for large sites are subjects of interests for me. And the schedule promises to deliver these things.

And if i’m in Prague i will also visit this wonderful city. I’ve heard many good things about Prague and i will certainly invest a few hours daily into visiting the city. If you know some good places to eat or drink, or you have some recommendations then post them in a comment.

And if you’re in Prague too for DrupalCamp drop me an email to laci [at] lacisoft [dot] ro and we can go out drink a beer or something.

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