Additional columns in TYPO3’s Web-Page Module


Sometimes the available columns in TYPO3’s web-page module seem to be insufficent. You have Left, Right, Normal and Border.

But what if you want more?

Maybe you have four columns Left, Normal, Central and Right. And besides that you also have Header, Footer and Border.

Its possible. In TYPO3 you can alter these columns to suit your needs. All you need to do is to place a configuration array in the typo3conf/extTables.php

Here is my array:

$TCA["tt_content"]["columns"]["colPos"]["config"]["items"] = array (
"3" => array ("Header||Header||||||||","3"),
"2" => array ("Right||Right||||||||","2"),
"1" => array ("Left||Left||||||||","1"),
"0" => array ("Normal||Normal||||||||","0"),
"5" => array ("Central||Central||||||||","5"),
"6" => array ("Border||Border||||||||","6"),
"4" => array ("Footer||Footer||||||||","4")

Also in your Page’s TSconfig you must set the following value


Theoretically its possible to add as many columns as you need but practically you are limited to 127 because of the database structure for colPos field = tinyint(3) that gives a max value of 127

  1. I am still troubleshooting the use of this on a new TYPO3 site, but I wanted to add a follow-up – when you are trying to edit the Setup for the template, you have to ensure that you have added the following extensions:
    tm_contentaccess which has a dependency on the following extension: tm_shared_lib

    When you install tm_contentaccess, be sure to review the options and select the checkbox that indicates extra columns will be used!

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