About iPad and the army of mindless drones


From time to time we see how a product is marketed as something unique, something revolutionary.  An expectation for the product is created with careful selection of information that is allowed to leak into the media. People read about the product, they write about the product. A product that doesn’t even hit the stores.

But everyone seems to know precisely what is doing, how is doing it and how revolutionary is and how everyone should buy it.  Many people already want it, though they didn’t even see it in action. No one did. But they NEED to buy it as soon it is available. Because its cool. At least they were told so. This is the case now with the iPad.

When the product launched they run into the stores and bought it. Although the product is not bad, its neither as good as one could expect after reading a few blog posts about it. But everyone NEEDED to buy it. They were told that its cool to be different then others, to have a product so unique, so revolutionary. But in the end when all the hipsters bought the so beloved product they should have realized that they are not unique, they are not cool. They are just an army of mindless drones driven by the necessity to be different then others, ending up being exactly what they are trying to avoid. Being ordinary.

But they do not realize this.  They continue to talk about it, write about it and trying to convince others of their superior state. After all they are not normal guys like us, they are iPad owners and they must SHOW it to the world. That is because probably they have NOTHING ELSE TO SHOW.


This post was prompted by a twitter message i’ve just seen. Someone was sharing the thought that he will certainly buy the iPad even though he is convinced that it will end up being useless junk in the household. But he needs to buy it (probably to show it for a couple of weeks to his friends). Another inspiration source was the amount of press attention and the amount of junk i receive everyday about the iPad. Because of this overwhelming informational “attack” i already hate the iPad.

P.S. 2

All mactards should avoid posting cheesy comments because i don’t care and i won’t change my mind. I don’t want a product that is not allowing me to install anything “not approved” by Big Apple, a product that is almost useless without some “extra” software that costs extra money. Also i don’t want a product  that will become obsolete in a year (by then Apple will come up with some new hype for you and i’m convinced you will give them more money on more useless stuff).  iPod – iPhone – iPad … Remember ? What’s next ? iToilette ?

  1. Lol, funny post :). I agree with you on this one. It looks like the crusades for the Holy Grail of the Church of Apple are at their peak :).

  2. @Andrei Eftimie
    Your comment is not approved because this blog’s language is english. It would not be fair to my english speaking readers to allow comments in other languages.
    About your supposition, you’re wrong. Didn’t you hear the phrase “Assumption is the mother of all fuckups!” ? I did hold an iPad, because one of my friends bought one in the US and obviously he HAD to show it to me. I didn’t test it thoroughly but i know what is capable of and i know exactly what it DOESN’T allow me to do.

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