Facebook and Farmville. Give me a break


I would like to see all those people who send me Farmville gift requests working one week at a farm! I bet they wouldn’t like farming so interesting anymore. When you have to work all day long on the crop fields or have to clean the crap of the farm animals (btw farmville fans … that smells if you didn’t knew) i bet you will forget Farmville in an instance.

Ok, i understand that we all need to disconnect from work but when you play don’t bother with that all your friends. And Farmville takes friend harassment to the next level. Yeah i play occasionally some StarCraft or some other little strategy game but did i ever sent you messages asking for God knows what ?

And now there are other “little animal” petting games on Facebook. They seem to grow like mushrooms after a good rain. If things evolve this way i guess i will have to quit Facebook and delete my account.

  1. Lool, well facebook is a social network for teenagers with nothing better to do, unfortunately this kind of games and behavior are viral and spread accordingly. I also get all kind of requests and stuff, and at the beginning I use to respond and send some too, but I got bored and left it be. However without this, facebook is kinda useless, so I don’t use it too often…

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