A pleasant discovery: Airbus’s website is powered by TYPO3


I was searching today for some information on the Airbus A320 aircraft and i noticed Airbus’s website dedicated to the A320 family. Right away when i saw page id in the URL i thought – this could by TYPO3. Indeed after looking in the source i saw that  Airbus’s website is   powered by TYPO3. The comment doesn’t exist on the homepage which could be something else but exists in most of the other pages.
If anyone wanted a testimony for TYPO3 as a Enterprise Content Management System then here it is. One of the biggest companies in the world, the company that produces half of the worlds airplanes uses TYPO3 for its corporate website.

  1. Doesn’t the main Typo3 site feature a list of corporations that utilize the Typo3 framework for their websites? Other good examples of big and creative sites powered by Typo3 can be seen on the WeLoveT3 showcase gallery, one of my favourites which is SuperStoreSearch that we use for our shopping.

    I have also heard that Typo3 is used for car manufacturer Audi and similar automotive sites.

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